Street legal 1965 Karmann Ghia

1965 Karmann Ghia. Street legal. Licensed and insured. All steel. Glass windows, full trim. Owner built suspension, exhaust and intake systems. Turbocharged and injected (mechanical) on methanol. Typically run on low boost in class with a 10.60 index (D/Gas). Trips to the burger joint can be described as “Punch & Coast”. It gets absolutely horrible fuel mileage! With a 15lb spring in the waste gate, it has run a best ET of 9.70 at 142 mph. I’ve owned the car for twenty years, and has been a “work in progress” since I dragged its rotting carcass out of a Fresno back yard. The paint is 18 years old, and although it has battle scars, it is still very presentable

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