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Title: Pride and joy
Author: Jason Rocque
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Description: Hey toymakers my name is Jason Rocque , I have a truck that I have had since 2000 , built it all myself , it means everything to me . My plan was to give it to my daughter when she got her license. 4 years ago I got diagnosed with advanced MS and its been rough , I can't work anymore , and I probably won't be driving much longer because of my eyes . And my legs are going fast as well. I'm only 41 yrs old. I have built some pretty awesome cars when I was younger and miss it .but financially I can't afford to do anything. Well my truck is starting to get out of hand . I can't keep up with it . It really needs some rlc . Motor, tires , interior work and possibly suspension. It just kills me to see it sit in my garage and thinking I won't be able to give it to my daughter. I didn't know if there was anything you could do to help. Thanks

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