David Ankin

A true celebrity, "Doghouse" Dave Ankin is a former, motorcycle stunt rider, race-car driver and stuntman for Universal. This includes the Batman character in the Universal studios stunt shows and Water World event show at the Universal theme parks. He's also the previous owner of some of the most successful event bars on the east coast (i.e., Daytona, Myrtle Beach, Florida).

"As a child, my father could fix, build and drive anything! He was a big kid at heart and still is today. In his circle he was known as "The Iron Man" because there was nothing he couldn't make out of metal. He was always building the coolest toyz. I learned a lot from watching him over the years, and he has been my inspiration from the start."

"As I've gotten older, I've had the unique privilege of getting to know some of the best designers, engineers, fabricators, and builders in the industry. Surrounding myself with these same people has inspired me to develop a company that allows me a unique opportunity to bring multiple people together to build the baddest toyz on the planet!"

"Just as my father has inspired me, I hope to pass on that same inspiration to my son. He is already trying to take over my tool box and garage and is eager to tell me what the next build is going to be. I can already envision him as the next generation of Toy Maker."

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