hit automotive series ToyMakerz Films in North Carolina

Headquartered squarely in the heart of motor country in scenic Reidsville, NC, breakout hit automotive series ToyMakerz (on Velocity) is very proud to call North Carolina and the Piedmont-Triad region its home.

ToyMakerz specializes in extreme motor builds and drives. Nearly all of seasons 1 and 2 were filmed at the ToyShop, on nearby roads or at events in North Carolina. Season 2 featured Greensboro, Winston-Salem & Raleigh prominently. It opened up with an iconic drive through Greensboro in the ToyMakerz rumbling SB2.

"Contrary to popular belief, the Toy Shop, is not located at the North Pole," says Toymaker David Ankin, who grew up in Michigan, America’s other major center for motorheads, "It’s right here in North Carolina."

Ankin has been able to build an impressive team of fabricators and engineers, all living in North Carolina, where the Toy Shop and the ToyMakerz enterprise continue to expand rapidly. They are supported by a local population of gearheads who build their owns rides, turn out big for events and actively contribute photos of their customized motor toyz to ToyMakerz Nation. Local organizations like the Downtown Greensboro Association actively participate in the production.

“There’s a very good reason ToyMakerz films in North Carolina,” explains Eric Harryman, Executive Producer ToyMakerz/Lucky 13 Cinematic, “This is the epicenter of racing culture in the United States. The people here live, breathe, eat, & literally build motorculture. This is where you go to find fabrication talent, ideas and parts manufacturers. This is the heart of ToyMakerz Nation.”

Similarly, more than half of the Lucky 13 Cinematic video production crew filming ToyMakerz  hails from NC. Many are grads of Winston-Salem School of the Arts.

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