Toymakerz- The beast

Toymaker David Ankin has built more than a few signature rides over the course of his career. But this latest one has topped them all - The Beast! The idea for this insane mid-engine, blown formula car came to him one day as he toyed with a fat set of racing tires... 

Conversations with fellow ToyMakerz cemented Ankin's desire to build this crazy Toy...

Building the Beast required additional help from expert fabricators and specialists like the guys at Starr Creations, who helped achieve a perfect looking body.

A gorgeous exhaust system was designed with the help of ICEngineWorks.

Despite having a million variables in play, Ankin and the Toymakerz pulled it off, finishing the core features of the Beast just in time for SEMA 2017.

Finally, the Beast was on its way to the legendary SEMA Conference in Las Vegas.

 The Beast was revealed to a thrilled crowd that overwhelmingly selected it as their favorite of all the gorgeous Magnaflow cars on display. 

All said and done, the Beast is a pinnacle achievement that took more than 18 months to bring to life. As Ankin continues to tune it, he's finding that it's performing better on the pavement than even he himself expected.... 

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