Misfit toyz with motors

Master fabricator and head of ToyMakerz operations, David Ankin firmly believes that to build outside-the-box you've got to play outside-the-box and let your imagination run wild. So, having fun is mandatory at ToyMakerz, as often reflected in Ankin's unique team-building exercises - like the Misfit Toys with Motors Competition! This challenge required each of the ToyMakerz to build a custom motorized mini-ride to go head-to-head at exhibition. 

The rules were simple:

1. The toy could not exceed $500 in parts,

2. the toy had to reflect their unique personality, and...

3. it had to actually run.

Each of the ToyMakerz accepted the challenge and immediately began designing and building their own personal creation.

Jason built a modified wheelbarrow designed as an homage to a gasser dragster. Running a 110cc Four-Stroke motor, it made for one wicked, quick, wild ride. With a custom set of 13in Kiezer wheels in back, 16in hollow hub bicycle wheels in front, wheelie bars and a parachute, this Misfit Toy is the real-deal.  

Ashley chose to revamp a micro Range Rover by mounting it to a go-cart foundation, giving it much greater power and clearance. It features dual exhaust, a place for snacks in the door, and custom pedals by welder Boe. 

When all was said and done, the micro Range Rover turned out so hot, it literally set Billy on fire!

Billy chose to soup-up a riding lawnmower for the Misfit Toys with Motors challenge. His lawnmowing masterpiece boasts a custom extended body, 3in exhaust, badass hubcaps and it can even pop a wheelie. Billy reminds any doubters that "yes, it can still mow grass...it just does it fast".  

ToyMakerz Master Welder Boe Wood was in it to win it and would do WHATEVER required to build the coolest Misfit Toy of them all. For his entry into the Misift Toys with Motors Competition, he built a Miller Welding Cart unlike any other. His ride features stylish hand-stitched lettering, embroidered by Boe himself.

Toymaker David Ankin entered the competition with a radically rebuilt little red wagon running a 110 CC 4-stroke motor, with extra fat tires and absolutely necessary wheelie bars. Clearly, this was a machine designed for unexpected speed...

As Ankin challenged his team to create their own Misfit Toyz with Motors, eavesdropper Charles Joyner deduced the plan and secretly got in on the action with an aluminum washtub powered by a 22 horsepower, 670 CC motor.

Lauren, ToyMakerz merchandising assistant, hails from the Maine wilderness, so she built a Misfit Toy capable of some serious off-roading. Her ATV Goat features a Go-Kart base, XL tires and Alpine badging.

When the Misfit Toys with Motors Challenge was first issued, ToyMakerz CFO Dave Young made it clear that he was NOT a fan of this "time-wasting" exercise. But the ToyMakerz business brainiac simply couldn't stay away from the fun. Like a dark horse in the night, Young arrived at the Misfit Toys exhibition on his very own Misfit Ride! And he had the perfect outfit to go along with his bad ass mini motorcycle! 

Everyone's Misfit Toy exceeded expectations, and even though the Toymaker didn't explicitly state that a race would be involved, everyone knew that was inevitable. Catch the 4th Episode of ToyMakerz Season 2 on Velocity GO to find out who won the Misfit Toyz with Motors Challenge!!

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